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  • Exciting tracks in Transylvanian mountains
  • Spring in the mountains Transylvania
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Fri, 15/03/2024

  Customise your holiday!

We are flexible and compliant to all your wishes, ready to design your dream tour in Transylvania!  Have you read about any places you'd love to visit? Have you heard of any food or drink you want to indulge in? Have you seen anything you'd like to experience? If you're saying 'yes' just let us know and we'll endeavour to create a unique tour, tailored just for you! 

Birthday parties, tennis holidays, weddings, anniversaries, ski trips, special Christmas or New Years parties with local flavours? Anything you choose, we want to make sure a fantastic experience  will be delivered!   

  • Dracula's Castle Transylvania
  • Fortified Church Biertan