Conquer Transylvania (aka Dracula 3 Peaks)

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Thu, 04/04/2024 to Mon, 08/04/2024

Free your mind!


You will be guided through the breathtaking scenario of the Carpathian Mountains, the second longest mountain range in Europe. Exploring wild forests, peaceful meadows, crystal like mineral springs and rocky ridges will give your body and mind a true sensation of freedom. Renowned for its large population of local wildlife, the sight of a brown bear, a black goat, or the rare mountain flower edelweiss will be the feather in the cap to any avid sightseer! 


Day One - After landing into Bucharest airport the assembled group will be transferred to Bran, our headquarters, and just a stone’s throw from the Count’s Castle! After a three hour journey we will be received at our accommodations for the duration of the stay, a charming and traditional Transylvanian inn. Before having our first taste of the fantastic local cuisine, we’ll have a little 'adventure induction' where we'll get to know each other in an authentic rustic atmosphere.

Day Two - Early in the morning we’ll be dropped off at the starting point of our first climb - the sacred Bucegi Mountains. Edging Dracula’s Valley to the East, Bucegi - at a staggering 8,223 feet in height - is believed to be the home of the divine being Zamolxis (or Zeus for local ancestors). The 8 hours ascending track will take us to a magnificent world of peace at the top of the mountains, where our rewards for the day come in the shape of the fantastic natural landscapes. We’ll be spending about an hour on the summit before we start our descend to the other side of the mountain where the coach will be waiting for us.

Day Three - We are going to climb Prince’s Stone Mountain, the west frontier of Dracula’s Valley and considered to be the most spectacular in the country. With its highest peak elevated to 7,343 feet, Prince’s Stone is a natural protected park, home to the famous Carpathian black goat and the only place where you can find Prince’s Gillyflower. The ascent will commence from the village called “The Cave” and after around 4 hours we should be on the summit, contemplating the whole valley and Bucegi Mountain.

Day Four - Starts with a short visit to Brasov - second largest city and most visited in Transylvania. After a few hours spent in the well preserved medieval centre we'll be heading to Poiana Brasov, up in the mountains, the finest ski resort in the country and one of the best in SE Europe. The third and final ascent of our adventure will take us from the lower side of the resort to one of the hottest spots, located in the forest, at the foot of the mountain, where we are going to have our traditional lunch. The next stop is the famous Dracula’s Castle, where we’ll find out the story of Vlad the Impaler - the Wallachian knight depicted by Bram Stoker in his novel. The day will end with a traditional outdoor feast, complemented by the amazing local wine and brandy.

Day Five - After a hearty breakfast, we’ll say our goodbyes and return to the airport.



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* Single Supplement - £99

* Min group required - 7 ppl


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