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Sovata & surroundings

Sovata Bear Lake

This charming little town and resort, located in Eastern part of Transylvania, is famous for its "Ursu" (Bear) lake, unique in Europe for its salty and helio thermal water.  The area is very reach in salt, therefore many salt mines can be found here, Praid being the largest. A beautiful scenery welcomes you here at the foot of Eastern Carpathians where locals are very skilfull not only in wooden crafts, but also in clay pottery.    


Bear Lake - perfect place to relax during hot days, it has also thermal properties due to the high concentration of salt.

Sovata resort - beautiful setting deep into the forest, perfect location to unwind.

Pride Mine Salt - one of the largest in the country, wecomes you with many surprises at about 120 meters under the ground.

Korund village -  pitoresque village famous for its pottery craftmen, large variety of handmade souvenirs can be found here .


Sovata location
  • Praid salt mine
  • Sheep yard in the Eastern Carpathians