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Sibiu Big Square

The most important ethnic German city in Transylvania, Sibiu was ranked as Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live by Forbes, so we’ll ensure you won’t miss it.  Located at just 15 miles away from Fagaras Mountains - known as Transylvanian Alps, the highest in the country - Sibiu is one the major cultural centers of Romania, being designated the European Capital of Culture in 2007. With Saxon architecture everywhere, the city center captures your sight and transposes you in a romantic, medieval atmosphere.


Big Square – heart of the city, with loads of bars, cafes, terraces. You'll see lots of colourful houses with roof windows known as “eyes of the city” and tiny, cobbled streets that emerge from the square.

Astra National Outdoor Museum – with over 120 traditional dwellings brought from all over Transylvania, it is the largest open museum in Romania. Opened in 1905, the place comprises of a few museums: Traditional Falk Civilization, Universal Ethnography, and Transylvanian Civilisation.

The Tower of the Council - used to defend the main entrance gate into the precinct of the next building, once the City Hall. During the time, it has been rebuilt and reinforced several times, and was used as an observation post, or even temporary arrest location.  

Bridge of Lies - oldest cast iron bridge in the country, built in 1859, replacing an old wooden. There are three interesting legends about this bridge saying that liers were caught and punished on this bridge.

Small Square - mentioned for the first time in 1370 as a place for local butchers' shops, it is located in the vicinity of the Big Square and served as main area for craftmen workshops and merchandise exposure. It is flanked by the Bridge of Lies. 

Brukenthal Museum - built by Samuel von Brukhental when was appointed Guvernor of Transylvania 1777 - 1787. It has a baroque style which was meant to be a smaller copy of imperial palaces from Viena. It is the oldest museum in the country with a comprehensive gallery of paintings, prints, library, or coins collection acquired when he held a high position in the Austrian Empire in Viena.


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