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Brasov Black Church

Brasov, the vibrant medieval city surrounded by the spectacular Carpathian Mountains, will be your gateway into Transylvania’s breathtaking scenery. With a history of millenniums, it is first mentioned in the middle of 13th century as Corona (crown in Latin) by the Saxons – German colonists in Transylvania, who will have a decisive role in town’s development. Important center of trade and crafts in the Medium Ages, Brasov is located strategically at the crossroads of old commercial routes. With its well preserved old town, with beautiful medieval and gothic architecture, and its stunning location, Brasov is now one of the most visited places in Romania.   


Black Church – largest gothic church in South Eastern Europe, built in the late 14th century and completed in the 15th, famous for its Transylvanian rugs collection, and massive 4000 pipe organ.

The Council Square – the land mark of the city, largest in the old town, with the former Council House in the middle, now the history museum, it is flanked by the Black Church to the South and Orthodox Cathedral to the North.

Brasov fortification system – defensive constructions having the main role of protecting the town from invaders. It includes Weavers Bastion, Graft Bastion, White Tower, Black Tower, Catherine’s Gate, and Schei Gate.

Tampa Mountain – almost surrounded entirely by the city, with its elevation of nearly 1000m, offers fantastic views over the city; climbing the summit can be a good workout.

St Nicholas Church – old Orthodox Church initially built in gothic style and later redecorated with baroque elements, dominating the old Schei district; nearby there is the first Romanian School.

Citadel of the Guard – on top of Citadel Hill, this fortress served for defensing the town; now it offers an authentic medieval atmosphere in its own restaurant with a wine cellar, open air terrace with nice views over the old town.

Poiana Brasov – located 12KM/7.5M away from the old city center, it is the finest ski resort in Romania, and one of the best in South Eastern Europe. There is a walking path (called the Old Way) straight from the old town that can take you there. It is a place to visit all year around!

The old town is scattered by numerous traditional or sophisticated restaurants, arty cafes, quirky bars, or lively clubs where you can emerge in the local, sparkling way of life.

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