About us

We are young and passionate world trekkers, who live in the UK, keen to get tourists to discover our homeland, Transylvania. Having explored this world from North to South and East to West, we have extensive experience in the travel industry.

The respect we have for you as a fellow traveller, and the love and appreciation for the region we were born in, have inspired us to design our tours. Our mission is to ensure, dear explorer, that you will have a memorable experience in Transylvania.

As our slogan states, we welcome everyone to explore and enjoy the rich local culture and to mingle with the warm and hospitable people. You will find it hard not to be amazed by the beauty of the unspoilt nature, and to relish the fantastic, traditional cuisine.

Transylvania, which means “land beyond the forest”, has many things to offer, and we want to show you that it is a stunning, safe, colourful, cheerful and lively place, with a rich cultural heritage, not only mystical as depicted in Bram Stoker’s novel, 'Dracula'.

We’re inviting you to relax, enjoy, have fun and taste the local way of life, kept unchanged for centuries…

Come and discover the hidden gem!